Every landmark that a woman is “supposed” to hit, Suzanne has missed by a mile. Her body isn’t perfect,  she’s not married, doesn’t have kids, doesn’t own any property, hasn’t seen the world (at least as much as she would like), her bank account leaves something to be desired, she doesn’t know what her next career move will be, but she is on the road to figuring it out. And it turns out, she is not alone.wine

Originally from Oklahoma, she has spent the last 9 years in Los Angeles.  During that time she has made three career changes from working at a talent agency to becoming the talent and is currently out of entertainment all together working at a tech company.



Suzanne has a love for life and exploring, with a new adventure always just around the corner.  She has a passion for trying new things and bringing others along for the ride.  Join her has she discovers herself, redefines timelines, creates her own path and shares all the bumps and tips she’s learned along the way.


Welcome to Finding My 30s.


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