No Shopping? No Problem!

Challenge Update: I MADE IT!!! 60 days down. ZERO clothes purchased and holy guacamole, it was hard.  Throughout this process I realized that I shop mindlessly.  Walk into a store, find something, buy it, repeat.  I never stopped to take stock of what I actually need to add to my wardrobe.  The result – an average clothing collection with some cute pieces sprinkled in.  Talking to my roommate during a late night chat, I asked “Wouldn’t it be nice to open your closet and love everything in it?” The question actually stopped me in my tracks.  Who says I can’t love everything in my closet?  I buy the clothes!

This challenge has not only changed my view on how I shop, but what I shop for.  My new rule, I must LOVE it to spend my hard earned money on it.  It has also made me start to take inventory of the items I already have.  I gave myself a pass to buy a new outfit for my birthday, but as it turns out, I had a perfectly good jumpsuit in my closet that I hadn’t worn!


After I finished the challenge, I didn’t have this urge to run out and get my fix.  Actually the opposite happened.  I managed to go another 30 days and still counting!  Well, that is almost entirely true. I saw a dress online, fell in love, slept on it, finally ordered after I dreamed about me frolicking around in said dress, received it and although it was beautiful, it didn’t fit quiet right.  The old me would have kept it until I lost a couple pounds and it would be perfect, but the new me didn’t want anything hanging in my closet that I didn’t feel comfortable in, so I returned it.

Your vice may not be shopping.  Maybe it is frequent happy hours, eating healthier or that you watch too much TV and want to use that time to accomplish something else. Whatever your goal is, here are some ways I’ve found to complete a self-made challenge:


  1. Set a clear goal. Keep it simple.
  2. Print something out that gives you a visual reminder of the challenge. I choose to print out a countdown and tape it to my bathroom mirror. Each night I marked one more day off that way I could see the progress.                                         IMG_9419
  3. Give yourself a reward that directly relates to the challenge. For example, if you are doing a food challenge, go to a nice restaurant when you finish.

With the money I have saved, I enrolled in a French class, bought my tour of Scotland AND have almost completely paid off my credit cards.  What will you accomplish in 90 days?

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