It’s a Real Nail Biter!

You can call me a pathological groomer, OCD, or perfectionist but it all translates into one particular action: nail biting. I come from a long line of nail offenders (Both my Mom and Grandma were known to gnaw away) and have had the habit since before I can remember.  I have tried everything: stopping cold turkey, keeping my fingernails painted, the stuff that tastes bad when you put it in your mouth, even fake nails  – but give me an edge on one of those things and I will go to town. My manicurist loved me, but talk about a strain on the pocket book!

Luckily for me, I had an acting teacher recently that would literally stop the class to call me out when I was biting my nails. It was obnoxious but definitely made me more aware when I was doing it. I have stopped biting (for the most part) but haven’t stopped putting them in my mouth and if they were nicked or weak – off they go. I have taken biotin and other vitamins that are supposed to help strengthen your nails but nothing has really worked.

Insert Hair, Skin and Nails by ItWorks to the rescue! Two of my friends have started their own business becoming distributers for the company and I figured, what the hey, why not help support them and give their vitamins a try? I am always super skeptical of products that make big claims and my hair saw some improvement.


My nails though – (pardon the terrible paint job) have never been stronger! I just got a manicure and actually had to have them CUT my nails! If you ever decide to give it a try just talk to Amanda or Lizzie (and no they did not put me up to this). I’ve used it for 60 days and I love it. The name is actually true, ItWorks!


One thought on “It’s a Real Nail Biter!

  1. Aloha beautiful!

    I hope the vitamins are working for you 🙂

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    Have a lovely day!

    Aloha from Hawaii


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