Transformation Tuesdays

Every girl wants to look fabulous for their birthday, especially when they are entering their thirties.  I am no exception and mine is right around the corner.  There is one problem though, we are finally out of the holidays and now it’s Girl Scout cookie season.  Who can resist the taste of delectable thin mints after they have been in the freezer? Crispy, chocolatey, refreshing, melt in your mouth delicious thin mints. Cleary, I can’t!  So, I need to counter act it and step up my workout game.  

Enter the Beach Body 21 Day Fix to the rescue.  It is a DVD workout series created by Autumn Calabrese that has a different workout every day.  Best thing about it, they are only about 30 minutes each! Thirty minutes, that should be easy right? WRONG!  In these short 30 minutes (but can feel excruciatingly long), I am dripping with sweat, out of breath and my muscles are shaking.  I am on day two and am already sore.  However, I’m trying to love that burn because it means I have truly done something good for my body.

I don’t always trust the scale as THE factor to gauge my fitness success.  I have found that measurements seem to be a better representation of what my body is really doing.  I’m about to get reallllly personal and post my measurements below and will keep you all updated on my journey.  I would also love to hear about your journey too. Let’s get fit together!

body measurement



Bust: 40”

Waist: 31 ½”

Stomach: 36 ½”

Hips: 41 ¼”

Arms: 13”

Thighs: 23 ¾”

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