Old to You, New to ME!


Now that I am over half way through my 60 day “No Clothes Shopping Challenge”, I have been itching to have the sweet sweet feel of new garbs against my skin.  Glorious cotton, silk, rayon, denim, spandex, mamma misses you! Exaggerating?  Maybe.  However, I have some brilliant friends that helped me find a loop hole.  A Clothing Swap!

All of us have some things in the back of our closest that we like but are realistically never going to wear again.  We always think, “Oh, I’ll donate that eventually” but now you can actually do something with them and have fun with your girlfriends.  I had nine bags of clothes, yes NINE BAGS (hence me needing the no shopping challenge) that I was ready to get rid of.  By doing a clothing swap, you give your friends first dibs to reinvigorate their wardrobe before you give them to Goodwill (or your charity of choice).  My friend hosted it at her apartment and I gained some key tips for a successful swap:

  1. Be Organized: Separate clothes into types so people can head straight to the section they are looking for. We had sections for tops, bottoms (shorts/pants/skirts), dresses, shoes and accessories.  Our host even went the extra mile and color coded things.
  2. Provide a changing area with a mirror: As much as we can rely on our friend’s opinions on how things look on us (and my friends can be brutally honest), we still like to see how things look ourselves.
  3. Provide Snacks: This doesn’t have to be anything big, just finger foods to nibble on. It was actually really hot in LA and we were provided with fresh hand-squeezed lemonade.  If you don’t have time to do that – throw out a chilled bottle of champagne and call it a day.  A little bubbly, clothes and girlfriends make for a perfect day!

This shirt is just one of the lovely items that I scored!


After everything has been thoroughly searched through and all the claims have been made, drop off the leftover items to your local charity.  It will make you feel good. 🙂 To find your local drop off points you can look on:



Dress for Success:


Salvation Army:



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