Driving to Success


Starting a new job is exciting but it can also be scary.  In my case, I tend to not sleep the week before I start.  I lay there contemplating all the different scenarios that could happen (not all of them logical of course).  I have found a few tips that make the first week go a little smoother.  

1. PREPARATION: The old saying “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail” has held tried and true in my world.  Take the time before you start to really research your company (if you didn’t before your interview).  Social media is a great way to find out what people really think about your new company.

2. Pick Your First Day Outfit: I know it sounds silly, but it is like the first day of school and you only get one first impression. You want to walk in feeling confident and the clothes make the man or woman 🙂

3. Speak Up: If you have a question about something, ASK. Your employer won’t know if you understand something or not unless you ask. This is the time when you can ask all the stupid questions you want and people are completely understanding, you’re new. If the same issue happens a few months down the road, people may not be as understanding. Now is the time!

4. Get Involved: When opportunities arise to join meetings or groups in your office, take people up on it. It’s a great way to meet people and develop relationships you may need in the future.

5. Ask to go to lunch with someone you don’t know. People are usually very willing to show you around and it will give you the inside scoop to the area’s food spots.

Good luck to all you future CEO’s out there! Let’s take over the business world!

xoxo –


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