The ART of a Happy Home

Spring is in full swing and this is the time for rejuvenation.  The first thing that comes to most people’s mind is cleaning out their closet.  I (having an unhealthy attachment to my clothes) take a very different approach.  Redecorating.  Being on a budget, I have to start with things that give me the biggest change fast.  The number one thing that can completely change the feel of a room is paint.  My apartment was originally ALL white and I felt like I should be in a straight jacket! That is definitely not how you want to feel in your home.  Once you figure out what you want the feeling to be, check out colors that reflect that. There is power in hues and HGTV has a great guide to the psychology of color.

  • Red: Dramatic and Energizing
  • Yellow: Uplifting
  • Cool Blue: Serene
  • Purple: Playful and Creative
  • Green: Growth and Renewal
  • Silver Gray: Romantic Neutral

I decided on a beach theme for the main living area and went with a sand neutral color for the walls.  I originally wanted to wallpaper the dining room nook, but after pricing it out it wasn’t possible.  I wasn’t about to pay over $350 for a room in a rental property.  My solution: stencils.  I found a great sea blue color by Martha Stewart that had a metallic companion that was a slight shade darker.  It took a little more elbow grease but completely worth it.  I found a great stencil for $45 on www.cuttingedgestencils and spent about $40 for paint and materials for a look that is truly unique. It’s the first thing I get complemented on when people walk in.

IMG_2149photo (21)

I think most people tend to focus on the areas that more people will see and leave their bedroom for last.  I am no exception.  After 2 ½ years, I finally painted mine.  It has completely transformed how I feel in the space.  I chose a grey/purple hue to enhance the calm, elegant and romantic environment.  Since I finished, I have slept better, feel more relaxed and actually WANT to keep it clean.

photo (19)

I still have more work to do but I am already enjoying the progress I have made.  Take time and invest in yourself.  Make your home an oasis because life can be hectic and everyone deserves a reTREAT.



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