Save or Splurge?


Social media has taught us that if a picture isn’t taken, it didn’t happen – so a lady has to be camera at almost any given point (or have a go to photo filter).   Every girl has to have her bag of tricks to keep her looking fabulous. However, we can’t all afford the top of the line of EVERYTHING.  So where do we draw the line?  These are some of the things that are worth the dough and maybe you can do without:    


Makeup Brushes: This is a relatively new discovery for me.  When I was in China – I had to do without mine and I NEVER want to endure that hardship again!  They really do change the look of your makeup and are worth the investment.  Keep them clean and they will be keeping your pretty for a long time. If you don’t want to invest in a brush cleaner – you can use Dawn liquid dish soap.  Works like a charm.

Foundation: Everything is built from the bottom up. Just like a house, the foundation is the most important part.  I love Smashbox HD and Makeup Forever.  They keep you camera ready all day long and can make the rest of your makeup really last.

Mascara: Eyes are the window to the soul and you need a great frame.  I adore Mally’s Volumizing Mascara.  This is Beyonce’s makeup artist’s line and if she is good enough for Queen B, she is good enough for me!  You can also make less expensive mascaras look fabulous by prepping with Origins Underwear for Lashes (it preps, lengthens and curls lashes).


Eyeshadow:  There are some great colors out there, but I use the NYX Dream Catcher Palette.  It’s similar to Urban Decay’s Naked Palette but at the fraction of the cost.

Eyeliner: There are so many ways to line those baby blues (or browns, hazels and greens).   Depending on my mood, I will use eye shadow as a liner for a softer look.  If I want something a little bolder, I use Revlon’s ColorStay Liquid Eye Pen.  It has the look of a liquid but it is much easier to control.

Hairspray: Being from the Midwest and having naturally curly hair, I have tried A LOT of these.  The one I have found works the best and doesn’t break the bank is Tresemme’s Tres Two Spray Firm Hold.   It helps fight the frizz and keeps things nicely in place while still giving you movement.

Shine on, with a couple extra bucks in your pocket!



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