I Have A Dream…

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You can’t celebrate MLK Day without stopping for a moment and thinking about dreams.  Everyone has them. Sometimes they seem so big that you don’t even know where to begin, but Martin Luther King Jr. tells us “Take the first step in faith, you don’t have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step.”  That is a lesson I need to remember on more than just one day a year because I can get so analytical about what the precise right move is, I become frozen.

During my reflection, I remembered some of my own dreams (big and small) including: LGBT equality, Veterans getting the help they need after serving our country, owning seven houses around the world, competing in an amateur ballroom dance contest, and being able to create my own music. This last one, I know I can take into my own hands immediately.

There is something magical about being completely immersed in a melody and getting swept away by it.  Beginning in elementary school, I played the violin, viola, piano, and was in choir.  Despite my parents’ nagging encouragement for me to practice the musical instruments, I couldn’t quite get over wanting to watch TV instead (silly youth).   I stuck specifically with singing and abandoned the stringed instruments. At the time, it was probably the right decision, but now I have to depend on other people or tracks to just play around.  Hating to ask for help, I loathe this.  I’ve decided this year that is going to change.  I have officially bought my first guitar.  So far I have learned exactly one chord and a scale progression.

Now I don’t expect to be the next T-Swift, but I am looking forward to coming to a campfire near you.


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